General rental conditions

1)Rental period For low and mid season there is a minimum rental period of 4 days. For the high season there is a minimum rental period of 7 days. If the rental period is exceeded, the daily rate for that period plus an additional fee of €100 will be charged per day. Each subsequent day is again a fee of € 100 plus the daily rent. As it is usually not possible for a subsequent renter to provide a replacement camper van, in case of damage or late return of the rented camper van, the victim can only claim a refund of the lost days. If the reserved camper van cannot be delivered due to force majeure, the rental company will do its utmost to provide a replacement camper van. However, no rights can be derived from this, the renter is obliged to accept a comparable alternative offered by the rental company.

2) Reservation / payment At reservation you have to pay 35% of the rental amount, the remaining 65% plus deposit a € 600 must be in our possession at least 1 month before pickup. Final reservation is only effective after receipt of the first installment and when the reservation has been confirmed by us in writing to you. The deposit will be refunded to your account within 21 days, provided that all the rental conditions have been met. Payments exclusively by bank. Prices are subject to errors and include VAT.


3) Cancellation is only possible after this has been communicated to us in writing and has been confirmed by us upon receipt. The date of receipt is the date of cancellation. In case of cancellation up to 30 days, between 15 and 30 days and from 1 to 15 days before the start of the rental period, you remain respectively 35%, 50% and 80% of the total rental price due. In the event that you do not report on the day and time of commencement of the rental period, this is 100%. We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance.


4) Extension In case you wish to extend the rental period, this must be reported to the landlord. Extension is subject to availability in the requested period and is only possible after permission from the landlord.


5) Rental price The rental price includes: unlimited mileage, all-risk insurance (deductible of 600 euros), 24 hour emergency service in the event of a breakdown on the road.


6) Verzekering Verhuurder has taken out an Allrisk insurance for the camper van. The renter, who indemnifies the rental company in this respect, shall, however, bear the cost of any damage to third parties which, for whatever reason, is not compensated by the insurer, as well as an excess of € 600.00 per event for each individual damage. The insurance covers damage to third parties, passengers and theft of the car. Loss of car keys and theft of personal objects are not covered. We therefore recommend that you take out personal travel insurance.

7) Drivers According to our insurance, the driver must be at least 26 years of age and be in possession of a valid B driving licence for at least 2 years. Our motorhomes can only be driven by the driver(s) mentioned in the rental contract.

8) Use The vehicle must be used as a motorhome and may not carry more persons than legally permitted. It is not permitted to use the motorhome to carry goods and the motorhome may not be handed over to third parties. Use the camper as if it were your property. We rent out our motorhomes for a maximum of 4 persons. Page 2 Paraaf tenant


9) Receipt and Return The receipt and return takes place at our Finca unless otherwise agreed. The time of issue and collection is after mutual agreement (depending on your flight).


        1. The camper must be returned clean inside with an empty and clean toilet cassette, empty waste water tank, full fuel tank, clean refrigerator, clean Safari BBQ/ grill and a clean toilet/shower room. In case of not clean return the costs will be charged. See point 14. For the rental period we run the inventory list together with you and do this also after the rental period. Damaged or missing items must be reimbursed by the tenant.

        2. Upon receipt of the camper van, the renter is obliged to check whether the camper van is defective and/or damaged. This must be stated and signed immediately on the issue form. Complaints afterwards will not be taken into consideration.

        3. If the renter sends a replacement to pick up the camper van, the rental company must be informed in advance. The replacement must submit the relevant documents, including the booking confirmation and a copy of the driver's license of the renter and of the replacement. This replacement will at that moment become part of the tenant's obligations, as a result of which the tenant will remain liable.

        4. The renter must return the camper van in the same condition in which he received it. This at the time and place as agreed in the rental agreement.

        5. If, when returning the camper, the person receiving the camper signs for receipt of the camper, this is in all cases subject to unreported defects and damages and special events for which the owner may be held liable.

        6. The later collection and/or earlier return of the rented camper van will never result in a refund of all or part of the rental price.

10) Identification When collecting the camper van, tenant and all drivers are required to provide identification by means of a valid driving licence, the tenant/driver(s) agree to check their personal details and photocopy of driver's licence/passport.

11) Maintenance You should check the oil level every other day before starting the engine. Make sure that the oil level remains at the correct level, if necessary topping up with engine oil. Never overfill! Check the tyre pressure regularly.

12) Fuel + costs Costs that are directly related to the use of the camper, such as fuel, oil, repair and/or replacement of tyres and/or rims or lighting (in case of unlawful use), fees, glass breakage, fines, legal costs, etc. are for the account of the renter. Necessary costs of normal maintenance and repair are for the account of the lessor. The camper is delivered with a full fuel tank and you must return the camper with a full fuel tank. If you do not return the camper with a full tank of fuel, we will charge you € 25,-- plus the fuel costs.

13) Deposit / own risk


       1. The deposit per rental period is € 600, - The deposit is within 2 to 4 weeks after returning a cleaned and damage free camper and if our rental conditions are met refunded to your account. In case of damage or violations of road traffic laws, this may take longer.

       2. The landlord shall hold the tenant liable for violations of road traffic laws or similar provisions committed abroad during the rental period. Page 3 Paraaf tenant

       3. If the camper van is stolen during the rental period, the deposit will be retained in full if the renter has been negligent.

       4. If it appears that the deposit is insufficient, the tenant shall immediately pay the landlord the excess amount, as determined by the landlord, in addition to the deposit. If necessary, a final invoice will be drawn up for specification purposes...


       5. There is an excess of € 600, - / per event, which in case of damage at home and abroad will be charged to the tenant.


14) You will receive a clean camper upon delivery and you must return this camper clean. If the camper is not cleaned from the inside, the following cleaning costs will be charged: - gas stove and/or sink € 25,- - refrigerator € 25,- - toilet/shower room € 25,- - -cladding not clean € 100,- - -inside living and sleeping area not clean € 50,-waste water tank not emptied € 25,- -Safari bbq/grill not clean € 25,- -toilet cassette not emptied and cleaned € 35,- 15) Damage and repairs

       1. In case of any damage or defects, you should always report this immediately and consult with us about follow-up actions. This applies to damage caused by a traffic accident, as well as all other forms of damage or defects to camper and/or accessories and interior. We need to know this as soon as possible in connection with making preparations and ordering parts for a repair to speed up as a next tenant would also like to receive the camper on time.


       2. In the event of a collision, the local police must be called in and the renter must take digital photographs of the damage (or have them taken). In case of any damage, a European claim form must be completed in full. The tenant is obliged to limit the damage as much as possible and to follow the instructions of the landlord or the third party engaged by the landlord. The tenant undertakes to have the local authorities draw up a report or a report of an accident, or at least to make an attempt to do so. The renter will write down the facts of the incident, the brands and registration numbers of any vehicles involved (insurance company and policy number), the names and addresses of the driver, other parties involved and any eyewitnesses, and will ensure that this is handed over to the rental company no later than when the camper van is handed in.

      3. The tenant is obliged to consult with the lessor before the tenant has the damaged goods repaired or destroys remnants and/or renounces them.


      4. If an emergency service for the motorhome turns out to be necessary abroad, the emergency service, as stated above, must be called in.


      5. Damage caused by filling a tank with the wrong liquid is entirely at the expense of the renter.

      6. The renter may only carry out necessary repairs up to € 50.00, this should preferably be done at a dealer of the camper van brand. For repairs that exceed this amount, the lessor must always be contacted first and asked for approval. Original and specified invoices in the name of the rental company will be refunded to the renter at the end of the rental period (after submission of the replaced defective parts) if these have not been caused by improper use or causes beyond the responsibility of the rental company.


      7. Minor repairs to the camper van as a result of the rental by the renter are charged at the cost of acquisition of any parts and a rate of € 50, - per hour.

      8. Damage and costs not covered by the insurance as a result of driving under the influence, driving and driving by unauthorised persons, confiscation, drug transport, flooding, loss of the camper van caused by or related to embezzlement or loss, destruction of the interior, radio/CD, TV/DVD, reversing camera, navigation system, awning, bike carrier, etc. are entirely for the account of the renter.

      9. When returning the camper van, the renter is obliged to report to the rental company any damage or defects of which he is aware.


      10. The lessor is never liable for personal, material or immaterial damage of the lessee or his travel companions, caused by the use of the camper van, mechanical failure and/or collision damage. Or in case of holidays not enjoyed in connection with a breakdown or repair of the camper van. The renter must take out his own insurance for this.


16) It is forbidden:

   1. Abrasives and/or a high-pressure cleaner can be used for cleaning both inside and outside.


      2. Overloading the camper.


      3. Smoking in the motorhome (if it is found that the motorhome has been smoked, this will cost you € 500,--).


      4. Use a deep fryer inside the camper.


      5. Pets to take with you.


      6. Give the camper to others to use or sublet


      7. With the camper through rough terrain or off the beaten track to drive.


      8. Make changes, additions, inscriptions, decorations, stickers, etc.


      9. Use the motorhome for driving instruction.


      10. Pull other vehicles with the motorhome.


      11. Transporting goods with the motorhome.


      12. To transport bicycles, surfboards, skis and other (large) objects in the living area that can damage the interior.


17) Applicable law. The parties agree that these standard provisions used by Camper Rental Go Spain under Dutch law will be interpreted and subject to it. These general rental conditions for motorhomes are part of all offers and rental conditions.