Bart and Mirjam
Karin and Mariëlle

We Bart and Karin, brother and sister, have come to Southern Spain together with our parents since our childhood. We have transferred the love for this region to our partners Mirjam and Marielle.

We came up with the idea of starting a business in Spain. We would love for other people to enjoy, all the wonderful things that Andalucía has to offer, too.

Thus came the idea of renting campervans and accommodation.

We have combined our qualities:

Marielle’s creativity. She conducts painting courses in the Netherlands, is a creative painter herself and leads several vocal choirs (www.bymariel).

Mirjam’s hospitality. She has equipped the campers with practical insight and love.

Bart’s entrepreneurial spirit. He knows the Spanish culture and language well.

Karin’ love for cooking and the talent for organizing.  

We speak several languages: English, Spanish, Dutch and German.